Exif data

Title: Emily's gift
Camera: D800
Capture date: 25/12/12
Image file type: RAW (14 bit)
Lens: Nikon 28-70mm F/2.8D ED Lens
Aperture: f/4.5
Focal length: 20mm
Shutter speed: 1/60s
Shooting mode: Manual
Exposure comp.: –
ISO: 400
White balance: Auto
Flash: Yes (SB800 oncamera)
Cropped?: No
RAW converter: Lightroom 4 (ACR)

Emily's gift

The house has pretty much returned to normal.

We've had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all had one too?

Emily recieved so many gifts, not just from us but from the rest of the family too. Today's shot is from the opening on one of those presents. I chose it because I love the similar expression on everyone's faces.