Exif data

Title: Never see
Camera: D200
Capture date: 19/07/07
Image file type: RAW (16 bit)
Lens: Sigma 105mm Macro EX DG
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal length: 105mm (158mm equiv.)
Shutter speed: 1/400s
Shooting mode: Aperture Priority
Exposure comp.: –
ISO: 100
White balance: Auto
Flash: None
Cropped?: No
RAW converter: C1 Pro (v3)

...that I shall never see...

I thought I really should add some colour to my website.

This is an old shot from the archives of imagi v3. I needed a shot for the 'nature' weekly theme on the VFXY website, so this is mine. It is also one of the shots featured in the slideshow at the start of this site.

If you have come here after receiving my email mail-shot then welcome. Please feel free to browse the photos, but I wouldn't bother reading all the boring ramblings in my blog. ;)  You might however post a comment (or two) if you feel so inclined?

I decided (as you may have read before) that I wanted to let friends, family and other photo enthusiasts know that imagi v4 was running and that it has an initial, full set of photos to showcase. Hopefully I can get a few more comments on these shots from you guys, which was one of the reasons I changed to this CMS system for imagi in the first place.

I did work on another photo to post tonight but I am not sure if I like it (it is a shot from the Paris Metro). What I usually do if I am unsure about a shot is leave the photo a couple of days and come back to it. I have a few other shots I can be getting on with instead.

For your information today's shot was taken in my garden with my macro lens. I added the water with a sprayer for effect. The shot is pretty much as I took it, which isn't always the case with a lot of my work. I do like to play around with my images in photoshop.

If you are wondering about the title I just remembered the poem Trees by Joyce Kilmer as I was typing this blog entry. So there you go.