Exif data

Title: Paparazzi
Camera: D200
Capture date: 19/07/10
Image file type: RAW (16 bit)
Lens: AF-S DX 18-200 f/3.5-4.5G VR
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal length: 200mm (300mm equiv.)
Shutter speed: 1/60s (VR assist.)
Shooting mode: Aperture Priority
Exposure comp.: –
ISO: 100
White balance: Auto
Flash: No
Cropped?: No
RAW converter: C1 (v5)


Here is another shot from graduation day.

I didn’t take too many shots on the day, and from the bunch I did there are maybe about four or five that I like and will post.

My first week with The Phoenix Partners was absolutely amazing. I’ve really enjoyed setting up at the company, which is situated near to where I live. It’s so close that I get to walk to work in the mornings and keep some semblance of fitness going.

The crew at TPP are a great bunch; very welcoming and accommodating; they have all gone out of their way to make me feel right at home. The only tricky bit was when they had a barbecue at lunchtime and I couldn't join in. Sheer torture! As you can see from my Twitter stream. (My IBD means I'm on liquid only diet for a few weeks) : (