Exif data

Title: The Tornado
Camera: D200
Capture date: 21/03/10
Image file type: RAW (16 bit)
Lens: Tokina 12-24mm F4 PRO DX
Aperture: f/4
Focal length: 12mm (18mm equiv.)
Shutter speed: 1/320s
Shooting mode: Aperture Priority
Exposure comp.: -
ISO: 400
White balance: Auto
Flash: No
Cropped?: Yes (7x5)
RAW converter: C1 Pro (v4)

The Tornado

I’m not very well at the moment so I haven’t really had the chance to get on the computer.

I won’t go into what’s wrong, suffice it to say I’m in a lot of pain which doesn’t tend to make you feel that creative.

I have still managed to process another shot from my trip last weekend to Rothley station.

This one is of 'The Tornado', the steam train featured on the television and the reason so many people were at the station.

As you can see, it certainly is a beauty.




It looks awesome with the

It looks awesome with the wide angle. I had one myself, maybe I should have kept it :-)

Thank you

It does work with such a dramatic angle.

When you say, 'I had one myself', did you mean of that train or of a shot with similar composition?

It would be a shame if you don't have your photo anymore. I must admit I rarely cull any shots, thought perhaps I should.

By the way, your work is exceptional. I will definitely be visiting your site more often. Your colours are fantastic and I love the way you turn ordinary subject matters, in composition and form, into something so interesting. Great work!