Exif data

Title: Sailor's hornpipe
Camera: D800
Capture date: 14/08/13
Image file type: RAW (14 bit)
Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 AF-S
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal length: 17mm
Shutter speed: 1/500s
Shooting mode: Manual
Exposure comp.: –
ISO: 100
White balance: Auto
Flash: No
Cropped?: No
RAW converter: Lightroom 5

Sailor's hornpipe

A little snapshot from our holiday earlier this year.

This photo goes out to my brother-in-law Rik, who has just ran 40km this weekend as part of Equinox 24hr run.

This shot was taken, at a far more relaxing time onboard the Queen Elizabeth, somewhere in the Bay of Biscay.

The little jump he is performing in this shot is indicative of his participation in my photography. The usual method? Photo-bombing, I believe they call it!